Meet the Team

The Twinbro team consists of people who are passionate and action oriented.  Each believes in the value of education for personal development, career success and living out their dreams.  They are ordinary people, living extraordinary lives and they want to share their strategies of success with others. 

Doug Beech, Co-Founder

Doug has been supporting himself since the age of 16 and had earlier decided not to pursue any form of post secondary education. Five years later Doug was working at a gas station when he received a telephone call informing him that Terry had just won $42,000 over a period of a couple weeks. At the time Doug had average high school grades, no community involvement and little leadership experience, but he resolved to learn how he could mirror Terry’s success.

 Doug began implementing what would later become the Twinbro system by following the same steps his brother had taken. In less than a year Doug had over $15,000 in scholarships. Since then Doug has completed a degree in business (honors) which he funded entirely with scholarships and awards. Within two years of graduating Doug utilized the same scholarship application strategies to land a great job and earn a six figure salary. Last year Doug partnered with YMCA Canada, the Millennium Scholarship Foundation and the Canadian Access partnership to inspire other students with his incredible story.


Terry Beech, Co-Founder

Terry’s passion for student success is driven by his desire to pass on the information that he used to get himself out of poverty and into university. At 16 Terry was a C student and had no idea what he wanted to do in his life. Today, Terry has been featured as a top 10 under 30 Canadian leader by Maclean’s Magazine and is a recipient of the prestigious Volunteer Vancouver Award. He has been awarded over $85,000 in awards and scholarships including an SFU Outstanding Leadership Award, an achievement he shares with Premier Gordon Campbell and past premier Ujjal Dosanjh.

Terry holds an MBA from Oxford University and a business and economics degree from SFU. Terry is a world traveler and has lived in both Europe and East Asia. Terry quickly established himself outside of the classroom, earning a six figure salary within two years of graduating from SFU. Terry currently teaches entrepreneurship within the faculty of business at SFU and is co-founder of along with his brother Doug.


Shawna Lum, Executive Director

Shawna knows what it takes and knows what it means to win scholarships.  As a SFU Gordon Shrum scholar and winner of $57,000 in scholarships, she will be the first to tell you that having your education fully paid for is only part of the reward.  She may have graduated without ever taking on debt, but the benefits extended far beyond just funding her education.  Thanks in part to her winnings, Shawna obtained her B.Sc. with an above ‘A’ average, was selected for competitive internships, received promotions from her volunteer efforts, travelled the world, and won more scholarships in university.  At the age of 23 years, her passion and drive were recruited to lead the Twinbro organization as the Executive Director.

As a high school student, Shawna was willing to try new things and continued to pursue the activities she enjoyed.  It was here that her love for sport, in particular rowing, fluorished and she was twice selected as the Canadian coxswain.  High school also launched her passion for helping and sharing her experiences with others.  As a peer tutor, mentor, orientation coordinator and rowing coach, she loved to bring out the best in people.  She has since gone on to be a sought-after coach and fitness leader, and empower youth through her volunteer programs, workshops, and speaking engagements.