Mission and History


All youth, regardless of their social or economic background, are empowered to access post-secondary education and lead purposeful lives as engaged members of society.


Twinbro's mission is to inspire youth to be confident individuals who see the value of post-secondary education and believe in their ability to attain it.  Twinbro supports academic success and personal development by connecting youth with relatable role models and informative resources.


Twinbro started as a passionate volunteer initiative.  Doug and Terry Beech were average high school students who discovered strategies to get themselves out of poverty, into post-secondary education, and experience a rewarding life.  Together they won over $100,000 in scholarships, travelled the world, and earned six-figure salaries out of their undergradaute degrees.  After having significant success inside and outside of the classroom, both brothers became interested in what was setting them apart from other students.  

Sharing the message

Through the process of accessing post-secondary eduation, Doug and Terry were able to snowball their success.  They realized that post-secondary education was attainable and started to research why other students were not continuing education past high school.  Research conducted by the Canadian Millenium Scholarship Foundation (2007) indicated that motivational and informational barriers are the top two reasons that students choose not to pursue a post-secondary education.  Students have a lack of information about the importance, the advantages and the cost of post-secondary education as well as the alternatives available to finance it.  These motivational and informational barriers affect about one of every two persons who do not go on to higher education.

This research matched Doug and Terry's experience.  They started to question how many other students would benefit from the same inspiration and information the twin brothers have been using to live their dreams.  This is why Twinbro strives to provide the information and motivation that students need to improve the quality of their life while at the same time increasing the number of students accessing higher education.

Working together

Twinbro is always growing and improving.  As the team expands, the mission remains the same.  Twinbro connects youth with relatable role models that provide inspiration and information for youth to access post-secondary education, win scholarships, achieve rewarding careers, and become more engaged citizens within their community.

The services offered by Twinbro aim to complement, not compete with, the services offered to students within BC's educational system.  Twinbro recognizes and encourages a team approach to personal development and education.  Schools, parents, peers and outside organizations all play important roles in supporting the growth and success of our students.