I was impressed with your scholarship presentation today.  It was organized and engaging.  The time was filled with useful, relevant information for the students present (grade 10s & 11s).  Your delivery was fast-paced but not rushed, personal but not narrow.  As both a teacher of teens and a mother of a pre-teen, I learned a great deal about how young people can earn scholarships to make university dreams accessible, and your passion made it memorable.  Thanks for coming out to Aldergrove!

Laurie Lawson, Teacher, Aldergrove Community Secondary

It was the best scholarship presentation I have ever attended.

Teresa Berdys, Parent, Kitsilano Secondary

The presentation was really good.  Great energy!  Well organized, easy to understand and put to use.

Claudia Krieger, Parent, Kitsilano Secondary

The work that Twinbro is doing in high schools is of high importance to young people and to the country. When it comes to promoting access to post-secondary education to youth, one of the most effective strategies is to get them in the room with someone who has overcome adversity, gone on to college or university and can explain the impact it has had on their life. Without this personal contact and biographical storytelling, the idea of post-secondary remains all too unreal and abstract to young people. We at the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation are fully supportive of Twinbro’s work and see it as an excellent grass-roots effort to make a change in our society.

Andrew Woodall, Former Director, Millennium Excellence Award Program, Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

After Twinbro left our school, the counsellor's office was buzzing for weeks... the kids were really inspired.

Rick McDonough, Teacher/Advisor, Dover Bay Secondary

It was a really inspiring presentation.  The speakers were really expressive and informative.  Loved it!

Michelle Lee, Student, North Surrey Secondary

This presentation helped ease the stress that I am feeling about post-secondary as it gave clear definitions of what is actually needed to achieve scholarships.  The information was extremely helpful and easily understood.

Taryn Nicholson, Student, North Surrey Secondary

I felt the presentation was very inspiring and it definitely gave me a starting point to help my children begin their quest for scholarships.  It was a very worthwhile evening.  Thank you!

Humberta Sereda, Parent, Fleetwood Park Secondary

Very positive and energetic.  It was encouraging but honest.

Trina Jackson, Parent, Fleetwood Park Secondary

You are an amazing group of "motivators" and great role models to all.

Harjinder Anand, Parent, Fleetwood Park Secondary

I found your presentation extremely informative. It is full of information that anyone can use.

Heather Dunbar, Student, Moscrop Secondary

The presentation really influences you and makes life seem very hopeful.  Winning a scholarship seems easy now, not unlikely.

Alice Lin, Student, Moscrop Secondary

Terry and Doug presented compelling personal stories of overcoming adversity to attain their goals.  Our students now believe that they can be successful if they follow their passions, and they have a better understanding of what steps to take to reach their goals.  The presentation, by two young men who genuinely want to help others, was both informative and inspiring.

Chris Atkinson, Principal, Templeton Secondary

The most valuable thing I learned today is to believe in yourself because what you believe has a big impact on your choices.  I really hope to hear and see more of Doug and Terry Beech because I feel like they can teach and help me learn more about how to be successful in the future.

Sherry Saechao, Student, Kwantlen Park Secondary

No matter what you do, what you think, and who you are... you can get a scholarship.  VERY inspiring!

Eric Edwood Dela Cruz, Student, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

I loved the seminar.  This really opened my eyes to scholarships because I wasn't really confident about myself when it came to applying for them.  I always thought it was a waste of time to apply, now I know there are thousands of opportunities out there waiting for me and I learned today that I can do it!

Sally Kim, Student, Fraser Heights Secondary