Message Delivery

Twinbro is continuously trying to improve and customize the methods by which we pass our message onto students. When we started we primarily utilized the seminar and keynote format, but as we have grown we have integrated more participatory methods of learning including interactive workshops and panel discussions.


Twinbro seminars are a blend of inspiration and information. The flexible format can facilitate groups of almost any size in any facility. Seminar length ranges from 30 minutes to multi-topic full day events. This format is ideal for school and community group presentations, or as part of your leadership or education event or conference.

Minimum Facility Requirements: Projector, audience seating, and microphone if size of audience requires it.


Interactive Workshops

Twinbro workshops are more interactive then seminars and facilitate group learning activities. These are especially popular at leadership programs and conferences where facilities are available for group break outs.

Minimum Facility Requirements: Projector, group working space (individual tables or rooms), and microphone if size of audience requires it.



Holding your own leadership or education based event? Twinbro’s keynote speakers are dynamic, relatable and ready to help make your event a success.


Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are a highly interactive and informative method of exploring a topic in depth in a way that meets the needs of a particular audience. Twinbro often integrates panel discussions with various leaders and experts along with our other formats. (ie. A seminar followed by a panel discussion) We have also provided panel members for education conferences and government policy workshops.