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Developing a Scholarship Mentality

Join Twinbro as they show you how anyone can win scholarships!  The twin brothers, Doug and Terry Beech, were every day students.  They had average grades, worked at a gas station, and did not think they would go to university.  This changed when they discovered strategies to get themselves out of poverty, into post-secondary education and experience a rewarding life.  They will share with you their story and tips on how to achieve similar success.  This workshop will focus on scholarships, but the same strategies are needed for obtaining future jobs, post-secondary applications, travel grants and more!

Scholarship success has a snowball effect – once you start the ball rolling it gets bigger and bigger!  For example, many scholarship winners have no need to work while attending university. Instead, these students can focus on their school work, achieve high grades, take the time required to apply for high end internships and continue to apply for additional funding in scholarships. Upon graduation these students now have resumes filled with amazing experiences created by having the time to stay active within their communities and remaining involved with project they are passionate about.

Leadership Development

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Academic Success

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Accessing Post Secondary Education

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If none of them seem to meet your needs, don't be concerned. Every Twinbro presentation is a unique experience, molded to meet the needs and address specific issues of each audience. Whatever your occasion, Twinbro will develop material that helps your participants increase their effectiveness, professionally and personally.

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