Program Overview

Discover for yourself the benefits of having young, inspirational and experienced role models speak at your next event. Twinbro's lectures and workshops invariably cover new ground for participants, and inspire their audiences to live with drive and passion. "Insightful, inspiring, intelligent, compassionate" are just some of the words used consistently by participants to describe Twinbro's events.

Twinbro helps youth succeed in school and in life!

All youth armed with the right information and resources have the power to be successful. Our innovative seminars, online resources and volunteer initiatives are designed to inspire youth to connect with this information they require to challenge existing obstacles they may have to understand they too can achieve great success.

Our organization does not try to determine what “success” is as every individual defines success differently.  Success is more the idea of achieving what you set out to do, being comfortable in your own skin, and having the courage and the freedom to see and act on opportunities that are important to you.  It’s your life, you must lead it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help and it doesn’t mean you can’t change your current path.  Whether that means doing better in school, winning high level scholarships or becoming more engaged citizens within the community, Twinbro is here to help.

Laurie Lawson, Teacher, Aldergrove Community Secondary
I was impressed with your scholarship presentation today.  It was organized and engaging.  The time was filled with useful, relevant information for the students present (grade 10s & 11s).  Your delivery was fast-paced but not rushed, personal but not narrow.  As both a teacher of teens and a mother of a pre-teen, I learned a great deal about how young people can earn scholarships to make university dreams accessible, and your passion made it memorable.  Thanks for coming out to Aldergrove!